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Metal: The aluminum is sandblasted, brushed polished and is subjected to a variety of machined and etched surfaces. This is determined by application.

It's finish possibilities are almost unlimited colors and textures (including transparency) with powdercoating. This is a very durable surface.

Wood: Certain elements may be constructed of selected hardwoods. The finishes will be determined by application.
Stone: Marble, granite, limestone and hard sandstone make suitable base material. The stone is available polished or etched. Limestone and sandstone is etched, hand printed, shaped, with smooth, chamfered, or rough edges.
Glass: Glass is generally a minimum of 1/2" for all the tables, some may be thicker for larger tops. Glass may be sandblasted to spec.

Glass lamp shades are heat formed to particular specification.

Fiber: All fabrics are custom produced in small lots ensuring the limited edition quality of each design.

All surfaces are executed in-house and specific to piece.